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4mm Wettie Hunter wetsuit
4mm Wettie Hunter wetsuit

4mm Wettie Hunter wetsuit

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The best value 2 piece open cell wetsuit!

Made with Yamamoto 39, this 2 piece suit has all the important finishings to make it a practical and comfortable spearfishing or diving wetsuit.

Attached hood with face seal
Wettie ‘Anti slip’ loading pad
Knife pouch on right thigh + free knife
Full farmer john style long johns
Knee pads
Lined beaver tail for extra strength
Double clipped beaver tail for comfort


4mm thickness provides a great option for majority of diving all year round, suitable for spring, summer & autumn.

Available in plain black only & sold as a full suit (not available to purchase as separates)


Size Fits body weight (kg)
5XS 20-26
4XS 27-36
3XS 37-43
2XS 44-51
XS 52-61
S 62-71
M 72-79
L 80-89
XL 90-99
2XL 100-110
3XL 110-120
4XL 120-135
5XL 136-150